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2019 Golden Tomahawk Program

Those members of the Cho-Gun-Mun-A-Nock Lodge who wish to take advantage of the Golden Tomahawk Program for 2019 must complete payment via the online Dues Payment page on the council website.

The cost for on-time registration for Lodge events in 2019, including 2019 Dues:

2019 Lodge Dues$17.00
2019 Winter Banquet$20.00
2019 Spring Fellowship$20.00
2019 Spring Conclave$20.00
2019 Fall Conclave$20.00
2019 Fall Fellowship$10.00
Total of Dues + 5 events$107.00

Golden Tomahawk Membership will be a savings of $22.00 in 2019!

Fall Fellowship is no longer considered a “Lodge-wide” event, because the Lodge is only supposed to have 4 Lodge-wide events. The LEC has decided to still include Fall Fellowship in the Golden Tomahawk fee because of the new Brotherhood Ceremony planned for the next two years during Fall Fellowship, and the extra hands we will need to make the process a success.

The Golden Tomahawk Program pays 2019 Lodge Dues and the registration fee to attend all the Lodge Events during 2019 in advance. As such, there are no refunds on fees for events the member is unable to attend.

Golden Tomahawk Members will pay the following, depending on their membership level and 2019 Dues status.

General Members$85.00
General Members whose 2019 Dues are already paid$68.00
2018 New Ordeal Members*$68.00
2018 New Ordeal Members* whose 2019 Dues are already paid$51.00
* 2018 New Ordeal Members completed their Ordeal at either 2018 Spring Conclave or 2018 Fall Conclave.

Golden Tomahawk Members MUST STILL REGISTER FOR ALL EVENTS, but will not have to pay as they register for events, so long as they register ON TIME. Golden Tomahawk Members ARE STILL SUBJECT TO LATE FEES if not registered by the deadline for an event.

Please be considerate of the Lodge Members responsible for planning food for each of the events. The purpose of the Late Fee is to encourage registrations in time to purchase enough food for the event. The deadline will vary by event, but is generally by the Close of Business, Friday, a week before the event.

If you have any questions about the Golden Tomahawk Program, or if you need to check your Dues status before selecting the correct option on the Dues Payment page, please send an email to: