Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation

The Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation (HHCSR) began in 1930 when the Council's lease expired on Camp Mishawaka at Stone City, Iowa. At that time Howard H. Cherry contributed $1,000 for the purchase of eighteen acres of land along the Wapsipinicon River one mile North of the town of Waubeek, Iowa. Camp Waubeek opened in 1931 due to the efforts of the Cedar Rapids American Legion's Hanford Post # 5.

Due to continuing growth in Council membership, attendance at camp and in line with camp development needs, Howard H. Cherry donated $14,000 in 1957 for the purchase of an additional 125 acres.

In 1965 a $25,000 donation from Howard H. Cherry enabled the Council to purchase an adjoining 265 acres and open a second camp called Wakonda. It was to become a patrol cooking camp.

Today, Camp Waubeek and Camp Wakonda operate side-by-side to serve the needs of Scouting and the greater community. Camp development continues to this day. Notable projects and facilities include:

Allin B. Dakin Dining Hall

In 1987 the summer camp operations were moved to Camp Wakonda and the first meals were served in a new $350,000 dining hall which had expanded seating and kitchen facilities. It was eventually called the Allin B. Dakin Dining Hall in honor of Dean Allin B. Dakin, Administrative Dean of the University of Iowa. Mr. Dakin was also the first Eagle Scout in Iowa. He was instrumental in the merger of the two Councils and was the first president of the new Hawkeye Area Council. 1987 marked his 70th year of active involvement in the Scouting program.

Blankenship Medical Center

Safety is of utmost priority whenever anyone is using facilities at Howard H Cherry Scout Reservation. Through a generous donation by Dave Blankenship the small and under-supplied medical facilities were expanded to create the Blankenship Medical Center in 2001. The Medical Center provides trained medical personnel the facilities and resources they need to respond to and treat major and minor medical emergencies onsite. Through continued partnerships with the Northeast Linn Ambulance Service, advanced medical emergency assistance is available within minutes.

Blankenship Shooting Sports Pavilion

As part of his deep interest in shooting sports and, in conjunction with Venturing Crew 2000, Dave Blankenship provided leadership for the expanded Blankenship Shooting Sports Pavilion. The Pavilion provides expanded capacity to handle up to 24 shooting stations at once and can supports rifle, shotgun, and black powder shooting.

John’s Lake

In 1975, the National Guard dredged the lagoon off of the Wapsipinicon River to create a usable area for waterfront activities. Since that time silt had redistributed throughout the lagoon making it unusable most summers. Thanks to the generosity of John Moyna of Moyna Construction, during the winter of 2003 equipment and operators were provided to dredge, expand, and refill the new John’s Lake. Opportunities for canoeing, rowing, sail boating, fishing, and other activities are now available and are a strength to the summer program!

Leadership Flag Plaza

Dedicated in 2009, the leadership flag plaza represents Scouting's past and future leadership.  Spearheaded by Wood Badge graduates, the flag plaza contains representation of all patrol animals used in the course, as well as a tribute to Lord Baden Powell.

“T” Long Eagle Trail

Designed to provide Scouts an extreme mountain biking experience, the “T” Long Eagle Trail was designed and coordinated by Tom Santacroce from Venturing Crew 2000 as part of his Ranger Award project. In order to maintain Scouting’s relevance with today’s youth and provide more engaging summer camp programs, fifteen mountain bikes were donated to provide an extreme mountain biking experience. Scouts are now able to traverse the trails of Howard H Cherry Scout Reservation and view camp as very few others have!

Joe Hove Grove

In 2004, the Joe Hove Grove was created as a remembrance of Joe Hove, an Eagle Scout who passed away March 21, 2003. The Joe Hove Grove provides a quiet place for Scouts to reflect during their stay at the camp. Full of various fruit trees, a picnic table, and a few benches the Joe Hove Grove is an opportunity to renew the valuable resources of trees at camp.

Woods Memorial Nature Trail

The Woods Memorial Nature Trail was created in honor of Mike Woods, a long time Scouter in the Marion area. The Trail, which was erected in 2004, fulfills Mike’s passion of nature and the Howard H Cherry Scout Reservation. Guided markers and a corresponding guidebook lead nature lovers on a stroll through camp which highlights many great outdoor features.

Veterans Memorial Campfire Ring

The Boy Scouts of America takes pride in being able to recognize our nation’s veterans. As part of this recognition, the Veterans Memorial Campfire Ring was dedicated 2001. The Ring, located in Camp Waubeek next to the historic Hanford Lodge, serves as a constant dedication to those individuals who have proudly served our country. In addition to veteran names engraved into the limestone blocks, a statue titled “The Calvary Sergeant” created by Bill Mauldin adorns the Ring. Each year around Veterans Day a rededication is held to recognize new names added to the stones.