The 2013 Popcorn Sale beganThursday, September 26th!

Scouts will be selling 17 gourmet flavors of popcorn to support their local Scouting experiences and  programs! 

Scouts learn a variety of skills from participating in the Popcorn Sale.

The lesson of serving others is at work in local Scouting.  In the last few years Scouts have sent over 12,000 Popcorn for Patriots to military servicemen and women serving all over the world.  
Scouts will be asking if you too, would like to sponsor a gift of popcorn that will bring a taste of home to those serving our country. 
Scouts take part in packaging these gifts for shipping. You may provide an address of a specific servicemen/women that we will send to or we have a list we will ship to from community resources.

Many responses of appreciation have been received from the recipients of Patriot Popcorn.

For more information please ask your local Scout about the Popcorn for Patriot program or contact Anita at


Hawkeye Area Council
Boy Scouts of America
660 32nd Avenue SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

We proudly accept!