Kirkwood Cub College

Kirkwood Cub College

October 5th, 2013
Start Time : 8:30
End Time : 3:30

Registration Form - fillable form can be emailed to  Deadline to register for early bird fee is Friday, September 27th.

Location: Cub College will take place in and behind Jones Hall. The Webelos will be in classrooms most of the day for their course work. All other ranks will be outside for their activities.

Time: 8:30 to 3:00. Tiger Cubs will be done by 12:00 and Wolfs and Bears should be completed by 2:00 with the Webelos going to 3:00 or a little after.

Weather: The event will take place rain or shine so please make sure to have your youth dress for the weather. If it looks like rain or extreme cold Kirkwood has been nice enough to allow us to use other classrooms in past years

Parking: We will have signs directing you to different parking locations for the event. The best one will be across from Jones Hall. You can not park on the road that goes along the field for Safety reasons.

2F - Look at a map of your community
5D - Leaf Rubbings
3D - Make a food Guide Pyramid
5G - Take a hike with your Den
5F - Go outside and watch the weather

1 - Feats of Skill (Forward roll, jump, crab walk, etc.)
2 - Your Flag (Fold flag, respect, participate in ceremony)
5 - Tools for fixing and Building (Build a bug cage)

15 - Games, Games, Games! (Outdoor games)
16 - Building Muscles (Exercises and 2-person contests)
20 - Sawdust and Nails (Using tools and build a bug cage)

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